Drengir | Vitiate, Jabba's Criminal Empire Zaret | 0 likes. Cad Bane | Miraj Scintel Imperial Navy | Miraj Scintel was the Queen of Zygerria in two episodes of The Clone Wars. Commander Pyre | Vane | [3], Scintel welcomed Dooku, despite having not asked him to come. Scintel gave Lars an electro-whip to teach Kenobi his place. Dar | She watched as the servant girl jumped to her death. She was voiced by Rajia Baroudi, who also voiced Hexuba in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy. Mandalore the Great | m _{og&@Bqt "'~[p. Goron | She was betrayed by her Prime Minister, Atai Molec, and then killed by Dooku. Colonel Erich S. Datoo | Save those closest to him for the low, low price of his own freedom. Miraj Scintel was a Zygerrian Queen during the Clone Wars. Stormtroopers Leaders Enraged, Miraj drew her shock whip from her belt and attempted to attack Dooku and Molec but was quickly incapacitated by the Count's force choke, which eventually led to her death shortly after that. Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin | This is Thesecret1070. Lieutanent Sun Fac | When the guards stormed into the room asking about the queen, Dooku claimed that Skywalker had killed her. Darth Momin | Embroiled in a gladiatorial trial for their lives, they must endure, or become inevitably slaves themselves. "Hello. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (animated film) The Clone Wars: 2.01: The Hidden Enemy The Clone Wars: 2.03: Children of the Force The Clone Wars: 2.04: Hostage Crisis The Clone Wars: 2.05: Senate Spy The Clone Wars: 2.17: Cat and Mouse The Clone Wars: 2.19: Bounty Hunters The Clone Wars: 2.21: Assassin The Clone Wars: 2.22: The Zillo Beast The Clone Wars: 2.23: The Zillo Beast Strikes Back The . Complete story of Miraj Scintel (zygerrian queen) 4,170 views Sep 8, 2020 60 Dislike Share Save Mr Knowital1 5.39K subscribers Subscribe star wars lore, breakdown, and analysis Show more Star. c. 21 BBY,[2] Tecora over Zygerria[3] Affiliates Lady Proxima | Nan | JFIF K K C Though Dooku saw her plans as ambitious, he told Scintel that he ultimately planned to exterminate the Jedi, not enslave them. Slavery is the natural order of things. Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Eighth Brother | Commandant Osi Sobeck | Being the Queen of the slave-holder race Zygerrians and a pawn of Count Dooku, despite not counting herself as one. << Super Battle Droids | Members B'omarr Monks | Anakin Skywalker, also known as The Chosen One to the renowned and simultaneously infamous Jedi Order, was an extremely powerful human male Jedi Knight that existed primarily during the age of The Clone War. Governor Grotton | Queen Miraj Scintel, or simply known as Miraj Scintel, is the main antagonist of the Zygerrian arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. However, Anakin had to be subdued with several electro-whips, much to Mirajs admiration. Lady Carise Sindian When she finally does, he groans inwardly, knowing full well what to expect. Please consider turning it on! Krix Kamerat | Ages ago, the Zygerrian Slave Empire stretched across many sectors, supplying luckless labor to unscrupulous masters in the galaxy. Fleet Admiral Kendal Ozzel | Other than that, enjoy Villains Wiki!!! Miraj Scintel was the Queen of Zygerria during the Clone Wars. 8D8 | Lord Nyax | Commander Crosshair | Zeetar, Clone Troopers As his comrades leaped to defend him from the throng of guards, Padawan Tano attacked Scintel; the queen had already had the Jedi girl's neck fitted with a shock collar and simply activated it to render her inert. Tactical Droids | However, her feelings for Skywalker didn't go unnoticed as her Prime MinisterAtai Moleccalled Count Dooku, fearing that Scintel had been weakened by Jedi. Admiral Conan Antonio Motti | Darth Krall | Tatootine Klatooinian Family | She enslaved the Jedi Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka Tano. Before she died, she told the man she loved, "I am a slave, just as you are." Imperial Special Forces | When their mission to Zygerria goes sideways, Anakin accepts the Queen's deal.It's been two years since his death.Padm is heartbroken, but she continues to be strong for the Republic. Thus she did not enjoy being given orders from anyone and was firm in making her own decisions. Embo | Dooku also noticed her feelings toward Skywalker and ordered her to kill him. Nala Se | If you are going to edit a lot, then make yourself a user and login. Order of the Night Wind | Bruno Denturri was a male slaver who was an enemy of the Zygerrian Queen Miraj Scintel. TX-20 | The weak deserve nothing more than to kneel before the strong, bound to our service.Queen Miraj Scintel. Infuriated by Dooku's brash statements and Minister Molec's betrayal, Scintel revealed an electro-whip clipped to her belt and attempted to attack the Count, but was quickly disarmed and throttled with the Force. She seems to be somewhat in love with Anakin Skywalker . Due to her Zygerrian nature and royal status, Scintel was extremely arrogant, believing that any person could be brought to submission with the proper methods and tools. Leader The Sixth Brother | Drash | Miraj Scintel was a villainous character from the fourth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Gha Nachkt | Full Name 4 0 obj General Lok Durd | Guavian Death Gang | Gender Commander Appo | Robonino | Mos Espa Street Gang | Scintel then pulled out her electro-whip, but Dooku strangled her through the Force. "Do you have an invitation?" "Well, no," Anakin started. Taken by Skywalkers's sense of loyalty, persistence and attractiveness, Scintel had . Jango Fett | Major Baron Elrik Vonreg General Brendol Hux | [3], Miraj Scintel was a typical Zygerrian: she strongly believed the natural order was for the strong to dominate the weak. Sly Moore | Death Watch | Upon Dooku's arrival, Scintel confiscated Skywalker's lightsaber and dismissed him from her court. Supreme Leaders Razoo Qin-Fee | Minister Veris Hydan | Bossk | 1 2 . Saw Gerrera | Anakin Skywalker used Force choke several times before becoming a Sith at the end of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Captain Mar Tuuk | She sees in Anakin a prize to own and overpower, and uses her . Anakin tries to play along with her, to give her what she wants, if only for it to be over with sooner. Seduce Anakin to join her side (formerly). Military Officers Leaders [1] Scintel continued to try and convince Skywalker to be loyal to her alone. Fleeing the palace and boarding the ship he arrived in, the Tecora, Skywalker and his freed Padawan Tano prepared to take off in search of Kenobi and the Togruta colonists. Durge | Morley | A slave offering Dooku and the Queen refreshments. abduction of the Togruta colonists from Kiros, Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, Updated and Expanded, Star Wars: How Not to Get Eaten by Ewoks and Other Galactic Survival Skills. Director Orson Callan Krennic | Jek-14 | Contact Us, Submit your request for proposal online or by mail. IG-88 | Ratter | General Grievous | DJ | The queen of Zygerria in the clone wars had major hots for Anakin. Miraj scintel and anakin skywalker fanfiction When their mission to Siegeria goes sideways, Anakin agrees to the deal of the queen. Captain Faro Argyus | Fennec Shand Senator Orn Free Taa | Smug | Agent Alexsandr Kallus | TV-94 | Rancors | King Sanjay Rash | She lets go of his friends, but she will fake his death only to make sure that his friends do not go looking for him. /Width 625 The greatest gift Abraham House can give you is peace of mind. He wants that life back, but he doesn't dare run from the one he has now.Why run when they'll just catch up? Tears were falling down her face. 4-LOM | Molec then told her that Dooku was coming. Scintel saw the opportunity to enslave a Jedi as a chance to display the power of the Zygerrian Empire's newfound determination and will, that by showing that even a Jedi could be made a slave, she would show the Republic that it would soon fall. She just knows he's still out there even if the Jedi won't believe her.And Anakin, well he doesn't quite know who he is supposed to be anymore. Although she knew most others saw the Zygerrians traditions of slavery primitive, Scintel believed that slavery brought purpose to those with an innate desire to serve. Director Armand Isard | Anakin is forced to submit to the Zygerrian Queen, in more ways than one. The Fourth Sister | FN-2199 | She sees in Anakin a prize to own and overpower, and uses her seductive charms to her full advantage. Miraj Scintel/Anakin Skywalker Ahsoka Tano/Atai Molec Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi Anakin Skywalker Miraj Scintel Ahsoka Tano Atai Molec Additional Tags: Zygerria Arc (Star Wars: Clone Wars) Chains Cages Blood Blood and Injury Sexual Coercion Forced Dead Dove: Do Not Eat Hurt Obi-Wan Kenobi Hurt Anakin Skywalker Hurt Ahsoka Tano Obi-Wan Kenobi Whump Chronological and political information Barriss Offee | Make sure to subscribe to my main channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/h. I am an admin of this site. Syril Karn | She also seems to be somewhat in love with Anakin Skywalker. Members Mok Shaiz's Majordomo | Greedo | When Anakin Skywalker goes undercover to infiltrate Scintel's court, and discover the whereabouts of a vanished colony of Togruta artisans, the wily Queen takes interest in him. The Ninth Sister | Miraj Scintel was the queen of Zygerria and the Zygerrian Slave Empire during the Clone Wars. The Tenth Brother Anakin is broken after he agrees to become Queen Miraj's slave, and something more. Upon Dooku's arrival, Scintel confiscated Skywalker's lightsaber and dismissed him from her court. A slave of hers then tried to assassinate her, only for Anakin to protect the Queen, as the slave committed suicide from the fear of being punished. Commerce Guild | Izuma | Contents 1 Biography /Height 155 Before she draws her final breath, Miraj told Anakin that he was right, that she was indeed nothing more than a slave herself. Captain Lorth Needa | Members tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Rape/Non-Con, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (1), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types (5), Anakin Skywalker & Original Character(s) (1), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types, just a lot of new trauma on top of already accumulated trauma, The Bonds that Binds you are the Heaviest Chains, Ill never say it enough but most of the one shots of this serie can be read, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, most other relationships kinda take a backseat here, a few outright explicit lines if you squint, the ending is happy mostly as a technicality. Dengar | Tatootine Aqualish Family | Chairman Po Nudo | She treated her personal slaves with cruelty and made a point of showing them their place; such was her treatment that one even committed suicide after a failed attempt to kill her.[3]. Miraj Scintel was voiced by Rajia Baroudi in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. /BitsPerComponent 8 Kang the Conqueror (Marvel Cinematic Universe). 6 0 obj During their time together, Scintel became closer to Skywalker, deducing that he was once a slave before becoming a Jedi. While attempting to convince Miraj Scintel that Ahsoka is Anakin's slave, the fiery Ahsoka hits out with this quote that cannot help but inspire a laugh, in large part due to the talents of Ashley Eckstein. 7 - My Spidey-Sense Is Tingling (Helplessness), After nearly getting the life choked out of her by Anakin Skywalker, Queen Miraj Scintel wants to put her newly appointed servant in his place first before demanding his voluntary submission. tags: anakin-skywalker, miraj-scintel. Darth Andeddu | Pyke Syndicate | Captain Phasma | Anakin Skywalker, a Zygerrian helmet covering his face, saw someone who looked likely to be in charge and walked over with a swagger in his step. "Right. Deren | Fleet Admiral Firmus Piett | She then had Skywalker as her bodyguard, even returning his lightsaber. Sergeant Slick, Species Ultra Battle Droids Crimson Dawn | Senator Tikkes | Prime Minister Almec | Chairman San Hill | Miraj Scintel Please consider turning it on! Lagon | Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. "Do not fear the Jedi," said the Queen to the gathered crowd in the arena, before the whole mission turned against him. Hi. Major General Cassio Tagge | Summa-verminoth | His acceptance of her marriage proposal, of course. A female Zygerrian, Miraj Scintel took the throne of Zygerria . Archduke Poggle the Lesser | Magistrate Passel Argente | With her last breath, she acknowledged that she had become a slave just like Skywalker himself. Prime Minister Lama Su | After her guards subdued Skywalker, she decided to keep Skywalker as her bodyguard/slave. Miraj Scintel becomes Queen some time before the Clone Wars even started. Colonel Gralm | Nightsister Zombies | Cornelius Evazan | The Seventh Sister | As Kenobi and Skywalker battled her guards, she engaged in a battle against Ahsoka Tano. Captain Varko Grey | Aut-O | Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place. Despite her efforts to convince him to see the galaxy as she sees it, Skywalker rebuffed her flirty advances even when she offered to free his friend if he'll stay with her. I am a slave, just as you are.Miraj Scintel, to Anakin Skywalker as she dies. LT-514 | Miraj's vision went black and and got it back but it was blurry. Kithaba | Before she died, Scintel told Skywalker where Kenobi, Rex, and the colonists were being held. Beilert Valance | Height As the Confederacy gained momentum, Queen Scintel saw an opportunity to reestablish Zygerria's ancient slave empire and concocted a plot to gain allegiance with Separatist leader Count Dooku. Nightbrothers, Fett Gotra While working undercover on Zygerria, Skywalker was captured by Queen Miraj Scintel, and awoke from a thrashing of electro-whips to find himself alone in her chambers. Count Dooku Moff Gideon | She then had Skywalker as her bodyguard, even returning his lightsaber. Grand Vizier Mas Amedda | Ochi | Queen Miraj asked Anakin to show his loyalty to her by beating Kenobi and then was shocked learning that Skywalker is actually a Jedi. Nightsister Spirits, Shadow Collective EV-9D9 | Miraj Scintel trat erstmals in der vierten Staffel der Fernsehserie The Clone Wars auf und wurde von der Schauspielerin Rajia Baroudi synchronisiert. Molec saw his queen as unworthy to rule and decided to side with Dooku. Though that slave was very richly dressed, it was Anakin's padawan Ahsoka Tano in disguise. Azmorigan | Protectorate Gleb | Perhaps his history as a slave is getting in the way of him understanding the difference. No match for Dooku and Zygerrian guards without his weapon, Skywalker took Scintel and escaped, freeing his Padawan. Rako Hardeen | The Second Sister | As part of his mission to rescue captured Togruta colonists, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker went under the name "Lars Quell" and claimed he had killed Denturri. Emperor's Royal Guard | She spoke with Lars about her plans in expanding her slave empire. Though that slave was very richly dressed, it was Anakin's padawan Ahsoka Tano in disguise. Old Daka | Soldiers You were right, Skywalker. However, she was betrayed by her prime minister and later killed by Count Dooku but not before telling Anakin where the Togruta colonists, Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Clones were taken. Tey-Zuka | Like most of her race, she was ruthless and had no qualms about using brutal and malicious methods to achieve her goals. Despite her efforts to convince the Jedi to see the galaxy as she saw it, Skywalker rebuffed all her flirtatious advances even when she offered to free his friends if he swore fealty to her. [5] Following the abduction of the Togruta colonists from Kiros, she planned to have a slave auction. Vedain | Before the Auctions Miraj Scintel became Queen some time before the Clone Wars even started. * CombatPragmatist: As an aggressive fighter, Anakin has no qualms resorting to fighting dirty like throwing cheap shots or using the Force. Skywalker further claimed that his disguised Padawan Ahsoka Tano was a slave he had captured from Denturri's palace as a gift for the queen. Colonel Wullf Yularen | w !1AQaq"2B #3Rbr Miraj Scintel had been brought down to the planet not long after Anakin. However, after learning that Scintel had not executed Skywalker as Count Dooku had originally instructed, the Count immediately traveled to Zygerria to ensure Anakin's death. Taron Malicos | She let out a massive scream and blacked out. Enslave as many Jedi as she can (failed).Seduce Anakin to join her side (formerly). Morgan Elsbeth | TF-1726 | TV-94B | Havina Vonreg | Darth Plagueis | In her last words, she acknowledged that she had become a slave of Dooku, as Anakin became a slave earlier. /Title ( M i r a j s c i n t e l a n d a n a k i n s k y w a l k e r f a n f i c t i o n) [6] Scintel then heard that a human in Zygerrian armor, Lars Quell, demanded an audience with her about the demise of Bruno Denturri. 4A-7 | Foreman Wat Tambor | Endo Frant | Anakin then went inside her ass. A female Zygerrian, Miraj Scintel took the throne of Zygerria sometime before the start of the Clone Wars, a conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Ahsoka waited for awhile. As she put a shock collar on her earlier, Scintel had won it easily, when guards disarmed the Jedi. As the leader of Zygerria she worked to expand its slave empire. Scintel received Dooku in her throne room and detailed her plot to enslave the Jedi as she did Kenobi and Skywalker, crushing the Order and then the Republic. Click EDIT to update. Skywalker escaped and took Scintel to the Tecora. Trask Imperial Captain | In a galaxy where AotC played out slightly differently, the choice Miraj gives Anakin is much simpler. The weak deserve nothing more than to kneel before the strong, bound to our service.Queen Miraj Scintel, During the Clone Wars, Scintel allied Zygerria's Slave Empire with Count Dooku's Confederacy of Independent Systems in order to restore its former glory. Scintel told him of her plans to break and enslave the Jedi. 1 0 obj /SMask /None>> Tatootine Trandoshan Family, Ohnaka Gang Sith Daimyo Boba Fett | In Skywalker's ship, a dying Scintel revealed the location of the slaves before succumbing to her injuries. joao ricardo vieira net worth, greene county ohio active warrants, fox lake accident yesterday,
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