ATE Mold is a rapid prototyping service provider that can supply you with prototype components and assemblies made from a wide variety of plastics, elastomers and metals.
We utilize our in-house capabilities, as well as highly qualified vendor partners, to produce prototypes that are manufactured to your specifications.
Our rapid prototyping technologies allow you to save time and money by decreasing your time-to-market, and avoiding costly modifications to production tooling.
SLA – Stereo lithography
Materials: Hard Epoxy, Clear Epoxy and Flexible Epoxy
SLS – Selective Laser Sintering
Materials: Nylon, Glass Filled Nylon, and a Variety of Metals.
Laser Rapid Prototyping Process:
1. Change 2-dimensional data into 3-dimensional data through engineering software such as (Pro/E、 Ug、 Catia、 Solidworks、 Ideas) etc.
2. Then transform into STL files to stratify 3-dimensional models
3. Each layer of laser bunches forming photo curable resin
4. Sample making
5. Surface treatment (Polishing, Painting, pad printing, hot stamping, Oil spraying, Silk Screen Printing, laser etching, and so on)
Small amount reproduction (silicon Mould)
After CNC or RP models is completed, we can use the machined original prototype master to make an precise silicon mould with silicon materials. Every silicon mould can reproduce 15-20 pieces, materials includes ABS, PU, translucent PU and soft PU.